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Immigration Announcement

Canada Aims To Attract More Immigrants From Hong Kong

Austin Campbell



Canada Immigrants

Canada wants to attract more immigrants from Hong Kong and provide them with adequate immigration options to settle down in the country. Canada recently introduced quite a few immigration measures that will allow students and youngsters from Hong Kong to secure work permits. This will also allow them to apply for permanent residence in the future.

Beneficial measures

Residents of Hong Kong who are planning to extend their stay in Canada do not have to pay their application processing fee at the moment. The Canadian government is trying its best to enhance their recruitment efforts so that more people from Hong Kong are encouraged to make the move. IRCC will begin to process applications for the International Experience Canada program that is targeted at Hong Kong youth. The pandemic forced Canada to shut down some immigration programs, but now the country is slowly getting back on its feet.

New immigration options

Canada is going to introduce a new program allowing residents of Hong Kong to submit their application for an open work permit. This permit will remain valid for a period of three years. In order to be eligible for the program, candidates should have graduated from any post-secondary institution in the last 5 years. Young people and residents of Hong Kong will be able to make their way to Canada and gain valuable work experience.


Furthermore, Canada is planning to introduce two pathways that will allow Hong Kong residents to become permanent residents in the country. One pathway will cater to residents of Hong Kong who already have work experience in Canada and meet all the minimum eligibility criteria.

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