Quebec Is Ready To Go Into 2021 With A Rigorous Immigration Plan
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Quebec Is Ready To Go Into 2021 With A Rigorous Immigration Plan

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The pandemic has made Canada and all its provinces re-evaluate their immigration possibilities this year and in 2021. It is important to adjust the goals based on how the world will cope with the situation in the following months. While Canada has largely reduced the spread of COVID-19, the same cannot be said for other major immigration source countries. It could be a while before Canada feels comfortable enough to open the borders completely.

Quebec is looking towards the future

Quebec recently published the Plan d’immigration du Québec 2021 on October 9, where it detailed its immigration plans for 2021. If all goes well and Quebec manages to achieve its goals, the province could welcome 44,500 to 47,500 immigrants next year. What is striking is that Quebec has no plans to lessen its expectations in 2021. If anything, the province wants to make up for the losses that it has suffered this year as soon as possible.

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Why is Quebec targeting more immigrants in 2021?

Quebec’s target for 2020 was somewhere in the range of 43,000 and 44,500 immigrants. However, it is becoming increasingly clear the province will be able to welcome a maximum of 30,500 immigrants in 2020 only. The widespread travel restrictions and the halted functioning of the federal offices have made it impossible for Canadian provinces to reach their immigration targets.


Quebec has set the targeted immigration level for 2021 to be slightly higher in order to make up for some of the loss suffered because of the pandemic crisis. Around 62% of the new immigrants are going to come via economic immigration programs, as expected by Quebec. The province’s report comes right at the heel of the multi-year plan to be announced by IRCC.

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