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Manitoba Immigration

The province of Manitoba, situated between Ontario and Saskatchewan, serves as a pathway to Western Canada. When it introduced its PNP in 1998, it marketed itself as a preferred location for skilled immigrants.

Immigration has always played a significant role in the rapid expansion of the province of Manitoba. Since its inception, the province has seen tremendous growth in population, labour force, and economy. Thus, for a seamless experience, it is better to rely upon an immigration guide. Over the course of our careers as an immigration consultancy firm, we have successfully guided individuals, families, workers, entrepreneurs, students, etc., and helped them achieve their dreams of settling in Canada.

What is the Manitoba PNP?

The Manitoba PNP is a program intended to attract skilled workers and entrepreneurs to Manitoba. The program is designed with the aim to add to the growth and development of the economy. In addition, it focuses on addressing the province’s labour market needs and provides a PR pathway to hopefuls.

Manitoba Immigration: Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for Permanent Residence in Canada, MPNP offers three immigration pathways. The requirements for each is mentioned below:

For Skilled Worker Stream:

  • Full-time employment offers from an employer in Manitoba
  • Educational qualifications and job experience
  • Minimum language proficiency requirements

For Business Investor Stream:

  • A minimum net worth of $500,000
  • Must invest at least $250,000 in business in Manitoba
  • Show business experience and acumen

For International Education Stream:

  • A graduation degree from Manitoba’s Post-secondary institution
  • A job offers from a Manitoba employer
  • Language proficiency requirements

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Manitoba Immigration Process

The Manitoba PNP process involves the following steps:

Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Manitoba requires applicants to submit their Expressions of Interest. While applying for Manitoba immigration, candidates need to create an online profile, assessed on individual’s skills, education, work experience, and language proficiency. PNP applicants are then ranked and get EOI points. Those with the highest scores are invited to apply for MPNP.

Nomination to apply for PR

Once the candidate submits their application, it will either be approved or denied. If there comes a chance of approval, the applicant will receive a nomination from the Manitoba government to apply for PR through IRCC.

Permanent Residency Application

To apply for Canada PR, applicants must submit a residency application to IRCC, which will assess their health, security, and financial abilities. In short, candidates need to undergo some medical and security checks.

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Immigrating to Manitoba: Benefits of Manitoba Immigration

There are many benefits to immigrating to Manitoba, including:

  • Strong economy
  • High quality of life
  • Welcoming community

Considering immigration to Canada through the Manitoba PNP? We may totally support you throughout your immigration journey. Get in touch with our team of immigration consultants and expect successful results. Contact us today to learn more!