Poll Reveals That Canada Is The Most Accepting Country For Migrants
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Poll Reveals That Canada Is The Most Accepting Country For Migrants

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Canada Migrants

A new global survey reveals that Canada is currently the world’s most accepting country for migrants. It does not come as a surprise considering how Canada is going out of its way to be immigrant-friendly.

Survey process

Gallup, an analytics and advisory company in the United States, carried out this wide-scale public opinion poll last year. The study included 145 countries in the study, and around 1,000 people were surveyed from each country. The researchers gathered the data either through phone calls or face-to-face interviews.

Questions included whether the participants thought that migrants residing and working in the province had a positive or negative impact. They were also asked about the social impact of the presence of migrants. Gallup made an index of the answers in order to assign scores to all the countries on a scale of 0 to 9 which he called the Migrant Acceptance Index. T. Countries with the highest scores were declared to be the most accepting of immigrants.

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Canada topped the list out of all the countries surveyed and scored a total of 8.46 out of 9.0 points.

The United States emerged as the sixth country on the list. Even though the country has a different immigration policy from Canada, public opinion on migration seems to be positive in both places. Canada and the United States have risen in ranks since 2017 despite going in completely different directions. The report was compiled by Julie Ray, Neli Esipova, and Dato Tsabutashvili, who compared the results of Canada and the U.S to make some interesting observations.

Iceland is second on the list with a score of 8.41 points, and it is followed by New Zealand with a score of 8.32 points.

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