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Overview of Becoming a Canadian with Proof of Citizenship

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Becoming a Canadian with Proof of Citizenship

If you were born abroad, you may already be a Canadian if and at least one of your parents was a first-generation Canadian at the time of your birth.

Assuming you were born abroad to at least one Canadian parent, you may currently be qualified for Canadian citizenship. At the point when you are qualified for citizenship, you don’t have to go through the customary application process, which includes an actual presence necessity as a permanent resident, a knowledge exam, and going to a citizenship function among other prerequisites.

Who are eligible to get a Canadian Citizenship Certificate?

You are automatically a Canadian resident in the scenario if were born in Canada except if brought into the world by international diplomats. If you were born abroad, you automatically may be a Canadian if one of your parents was an original Canadian or First-generation Canadian at the hour of your birth to the world.

To be viewed as an original Canadian or First-generation Canadian, your parent needed to have been born in Canada or got citizenship by going through the application cycle. In the scenario where your grandparent was an original Canadian and your parent got citizenship by descent not naturalization, then you are not qualified for the proof of citizenship. Notwithstanding, you can in any case get citizenship by going through the Canadian immigration process.

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All things considered, you need to apply for confirmation or proof of citizenship, also called a citizenship certificate.


How to apply for the Proof of Canadian Citizenship Process?

To apply for proof of citizenship;
• You need to download the application form accessible on IRCC’s site.
• You need to show your natural or lawful parent was a Canadian resident when you were born.
• IRCC acknowledges proof, for example, your parent’s birth declaration, Canadian citizenship card, or citizenship certificate.

IRCC will send an affirmation of receipt, known as an AOR when the submission of an application is done. Upon the application being supported, IRCC will send a Canadian citizenship certificate.

You can actually look at the handling status of your application online on IRCC’s site. IRCC offers an earnest processing choice for individuals who need to get advantages.
The Canadian government charge is $75 CAD to apply. You can have a Canadian migration legal consultant assist you with the proof of citizenship application process. An accomplished immigration legal consultant can guarantee you meet all the qualification standards and assist you with demonstrating your Canadian citizenship right away.

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