How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship If Your Parent is Canadian
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How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship If Your Parent is Canadian

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How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship If Your Parent is Canadian

One can conveniently apply for Canadian citizenship at any age as there are no age restrictions when submitting an application. Here, we are going to discuss the significant benefits of being a Canadian citizen.

One can live permanently in a country with a stable economy, society, and political environment. This will offer an opportunity and access to ample job opportunities, universal healthcare, and world-class education. A Canadian passport provides visa-free travel to 185 countries across the world. These are a few significant reasons which make Canadian parents seek Canadian citizenship.

There is no specific age restriction on when one can submit a proof of citizenship application. Additionally, one can submit an application about their parent deceased or alive. 

A Canadian immigration attorney can help you with their expertise to apply for proof of citizenship, which is known as a Canadian citizenship certificate. A seasoned lawyer will assist you to avoid any unnecessary mistakes or delays, they will also submit the complete and accurate proof of citizenship application on your behalf. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has caused a slump in the process, however, IRCC is striving to improve the processing times and they are also planning to initiate modernization strategies to speed up the process.  

How to Apply for Canadian Citizenship If Your Parent is Canadian?

  • Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada require one to submit proof of at least one biological or legal parent was a Canadian citizen during the applicant’s birth.
  • Proof can be a birth certificate, citizenship card, or citizenship certificate. One has to submit an application fee of $75 CAD.
  • After submission of the application, one will receive an acknowledgment of receipt.
  • Once IRCC approves the application, they will send you a Canadian Citizenship Certificate.
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