Ontario's One Fare Program Marks the Future of Public Transit
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Ontario’s One Fare Program Marks the Future of Public Transit in 2024

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One Fare Program

In a groundbreaking move, the Ontario government is set to transform the landscape of public transit with the introduction of the “One Fare” program – a strategic initiative aimed at easing the financial burden on commuters. Beginning February 26, 2024, this innovative program promises to redefine the commuting experience, making it more cost-effective and convenient for residents across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Fare Program in Ontario – A Game-Changer Initiative

The “One Fare” program, a brainchild of the Ontario government, is a visionary step towards enhancing the accessibility and affordability of public transit. Geared towards saving commuters an average of $1,600 annually, this initiative is slated to revolutionize the way individuals traverse the region.

Under the program, riders utilizing a PRESTO card, PRESTO in Google Wallet, or debit/credit cards will enjoy free transfers between the TTC, Brampton Transit, Durham Region Transit, MiWay, and York Region Transit. The introduction of the Ontario One Fare Program ensures that cross-border travel becomes more accessible and economical for students, seniors, and other commuters.

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Eligibility and Participating Agencies

The Ontario One Fare Program is open to adults, teenagers, post-secondary students, and seniors using a PRESTO card, PRESTO in Google Wallet, or debit/credit card for fare payments. Participating transit agencies include the TTC, GO Transit, Brampton Transit, Durham Region Transit, MiWay, and York Region Transit.


How Does it work?

The mechanics of the Ontario One Fare Program are designed to be user-friendly. Commuters traveling between TTC, GO Transit, Brampton Transit, Durham Region Transit, MiWay, or York Region Transit need only tap their PRESTO card or payment card upon boarding a bus, streetcar, or entering a station. The two-hour transfer window allows seamless transitions between different modes of transit, promoting a hassle-free and cost-effective journey.

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TTC users connecting to and from GO Transit are in for an extra perk – a fare rebate, effectively making their TTC journey free.

How to Obtain a PRESTO Card

For those looking to benefit from the Ontario One Fare Program, obtaining a PRESTO card is a simple process. Priced at $4, these cards are available at TTC fare vending machines, Shoppers Drug Mart locations, prestocard.ca, and the TTC’s Customer Service Centre. Android users can also load a virtual PRESTO card into their Google Wallet for added convenience.

A Farewell to Duplicate Fares

The Ontario One Fare Program marks the end of duplicate fares for commuters traveling between different transit agencies. By streamlining the fare payment process and offering free transfers within specified time frames, the program is poised to benefit millions of riders annually.

As Ontario launches the One Fare Program in 2024, commuters can look forward to a more affordable, efficient, and interconnected public transit system. This initiative not only reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing the lives of its residents but also positions Ontario as a leader in innovative, commuter-friendly transit solutions.


By embracing the Ontario One Fare Program, residents are not just saving on fares; they are contributing to a more sustainable, interconnected, and accessible future for the Greater Toronto Area. The days of navigating complex fare structures are behind us, and the era of seamless, cost-effective transit is here to stay. Welcome aboard the future of public transit in Ontario!

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