Ontario Releases 2023 OINP Results - India Leads in Nominations
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Ontario Releases 2023 OINP Results – India Leads in Nominations

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Ontario Releases 2023 OINP Results

The province of Ontario has announced the latest data regarding nominations issued through the OINP – Ontario Immigration for 2023. Last year marked a significant global turnout for the OINP, with nominations pouring in from over 155 countries. India emerged as the frontrunner, securing the highest number of nominations among all participating nations.

Rising Demand in 2023 OINP Nominations

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) stands as a cornerstone of Ontario’s immigration strategy, aligning with federal immigration initiatives while addressing labor market needs specific to the province. In 2023, the program witnessed rising demand, resulting in a record-breaking number of nominations being issued. Ontario reached its full allocation of 16,500 nominations from the federal government by December.

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Top Countries Receiving OINP Nominations in 2023

Nominees under the OINP hailed from diverse corners of the globe in 2023, with India, China, and Nigeria leading the pack regarding nominations received. Below is a summary of the top countries and their respective nomination counts:

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Country of BirthNumber of Nominations
South Korea147
All Other Countries1,942

Furthermore, the OINP saw nominations across a diverse spectrum of occupations in 2023. Here are the top 20 occupations nominated along with their corresponding nomination counts:

Top 20 OccupationsNumber of Nominations
NOC 21231 – Software Engineers and Designers1,342
NOC 21232 – Software Developers and Programmers1,014
NOC 72106 – Welders and Related Machine Operators540
NOC 21223 – Database Analysts and Data Administrators534
NOC 21211 – Data Scientists502
NOC 20012 – Computer and Information Systems Managers431
NOC 31120 – Pharmacists406
NOC 72204 – Telecommunications Line and Cable Installers and Repairers403
NOC 72024 – Supervisors, Motor Transport and Other Ground Transit Operators329
NOC 31102 – General Practitioners and Family Physicians295
NOC 21230 – Computer Systems Developers and Programmers270
NOC 31301 – Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses265
NOC 22221 – User Support Technicians256
NOC 72400 – Construction Millwrights and Industrial Mechanics229
NOC 21234 – Web Developers and Programmers228
NOC 31110 – Dentists202
NOC 21311 – Computer Engineers (except Software Engineers and Designers)192
NOC 72310 – Carpenters185
NOC 22302 – Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Technologists and Technicians180
NOC 11101 – Financial and Investment Analysts168
All Other Occupations8,535

Ontario Doubling PNP Nominations by 2025

In 2023, Ontario announced plans to expand its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), aiming to welcome more newcomers in the coming years. The province is doubling down on its efforts to address labor shortages and boost economic growth through increased immigration.

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By 2025, Ontario is set to open its doors to an impressive 18,000 PNP immigrants, a significant jump from the 16,500 nominations allocated in 2023. This expansion comes as part of a multi-year plan, with provisional allocations being published for the next three years.

With an estimated 300,000 jobs in Ontario remaining unfilled daily, the province recognizes the need to attract skilled workers across various industries such as skilled trades, technology, and healthcare.

Ontario’s immigration minister, Monte McNaughton, expressed optimism about the increased allocation, stating, “From 9,000 immigration spots in 2021 to over 18,000 in 2025, today’s announcement is a significant win for the people of Ontario.” He emphasized the importance of selecting skilled immigrants who are well-equipped to contribute to the province’s economic growth and strengthen communities.

The push for an expanded PNP allocation began in April 2021 when McNaughton urged the federal government to double Ontario’s allocation. The province had already utilized its 2022 allocation, which included skilled trades workers, software and IT professionals, as well as nurses and personal support workers.


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