Canada Welcomed Just 15,000 Immigrants In September
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New Data Reveals That Canada Welcomed 15,000 Immigrants In September

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Immigration Level In Canada

The coronavirus pandemic has put Canadian immigration in hot waters by forcing the country to introduce travel restrictions. It doesn’t stop there. The lockdown to control the spread of the virus halted or slowed down the processing of applications as federal offices across the country had to adapt to this new situation. The resident intake fell abysmally in April and May.

The pace picked up in June once the infection rates went down in Canada, but it has not been enough. The country will not be able to meet its immigration targets this year under any circumstance.

IRCC releases new data

New data released by IRCC shows that only 15,025 immigrants arrived in September 2020. In comparison to last September’s 35,000 new immigrants, this result is disheartening even though it was expected. Last year, Canada had 264,000 immigrants cross the border and settle down. 2020, on the other hand, has been a complete letdown.

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The country has welcomed just 143,500 immigrants until September. This seems especially troubling when one realizes that the country’s immigrant goal for the year was 200,000. It is unlikely that the country will pull off a miracle and meet the target in the last three months of the year.


However, Canada is choosing to be optimistic as it looks towards the upcoming years. Immigration is an absolute necessity for the Canadian economy, and the country will try to make up for the dismal performance this year by inviting a record number of candidates in the upcoming years.

The pandemic hopefully is temporary, and Canada’s immigration processes will be in full swing by 2021.

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