New Brunswick to Bridge Labor Gaps, Targets Construction and Healthcare Growth
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New Brunswick to Bridge Labor Gaps, Targets Construction and Healthcare Growth



New Brunswick to Bridge Labor Gaps

In a strategic move to address labor shortages and boost economic growth, the province of New Brunswick is making waves on two fronts—tackling construction sector labor shortages and welcoming international nurses into the healthcare system.

Addressing Labor Shortages in the Construction Sector

With an eye on the future, the provincial and federal governments have joined forces to invest in a Labour Force Adjustment Committee, led by the Construction Association of New Brunswick (CANB). The committee’s primary objective is to combat the pressing labor shortages in the construction sector, which currently sees approximately 4.2% of jobs unfilled. Anticipating 8,400 retirements and numerous new jobs by 2032, the committee aims to meet the demand for skilled tradespeople, particularly in residential construction.

Financial Support and Initiatives

  • The provincial government has committed $250,000, complemented by a federal contribution of $190,612. This financial backing will empower the CANB to establish a comprehensive committee focused on short and long-term solutions.
  • The committee, comprised of federal and provincial representatives along with industry stakeholders, will embark on a 100-day challenge. This initiative aims to overcome critical roadblocks such as credential recognition, recruitment, and workplace readiness.

New Brunswick Welcomes International Nurses

Shifting gears to the healthcare sector, New Brunswick, on January 30, 2024, celebrated the contributions of internationally educated nurses at Loch Lomond Villa, Saint John. Health Minister Bruce Fitch reiterated the government’s commitment to healthcare workforce growth, highlighting the importance of recruiting nurses.

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In an impressive recruitment mission, over 180 job offers were accepted from the Philippines, contributing to the 500 internationally educated nurses, including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and healthcare aides, recruited since 2021.

More than 200 are already employed, with additional nurses in the immigration process. The expedited licensing process for nurses from 14 countries allows them to work in support positions before obtaining full licensure.


Canada’s Investment in Healthcare Professionals

The Canadian government’s commitment to addressing labor shortages in the healthcare sector is evident in its $86 million investment in credential recognition. This initiative assists 6,600 internationally trained health professionals, including nurses, to work in Canada. The funding supports projects aimed at reducing barriers to credential recognition, providing relevant Canadian work experience, and facilitating labor mobility between jurisdictions.

Bridging Opportunities in Diverse Sectors

New Brunswick’s proactive approach to addressing labor shortages in both the construction sector and the healthcare workforce exemplifies its commitment to creating a robust province. The government’s investments and initiatives underscore the importance of strategic planning in welcoming skilled individuals and fostering economic growth. As New Brunswick continues to bridge opportunities in diverse sectors, it solidifies its position as an attractive destination for both workers and employers.

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