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Many U.S. film productions are shifting to Canada

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Many U.S. film productions are shifting to Canada

The coronavirus pandemic had a tremendous impact on the entertainment industry since the world went into lockdown, However, Canada is witnessing a sharp rise in entertainment activity at the moment because many U.S. film productions are choosing to relocate to Canada to continue with their work. Industry insiders have informed that an increasing number of major American productions have already decided to relocate to Canada.

Why is the US unsuitable for film productions?

Film studios are being forced to shift their attention to Canada as an option because of the increase in Covid-19 cases in California. Moreover, Hollywood’s Unions are still following strict health and safety protocols because the United States has not had as much success as Canada in curbing the virus.

The shortage of tests is also alarming, and major film studios are choosing Canada as the location where they will get their film production up and running again. People are experiencing delays in receiving results in spite of paying high additional costs in the United States.

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Studios are opting for Canada

Studios are finding themselves at the risk of violating their current agreements with unions. Canada seems like the ideal alternative.

Solstice Studios was supposed to shoot their new feature film with Ben Affleck in April. An article on CNBC’s website states that the movie will now be shot instead in Vancouver, Canada, in the month of October. The production of the film had to succumb to many interruptions because of the coronavirus, but the primary reason why the shooting could not resume in the US during the fall was the lack of available tests.

In Canada, Solstice Studios will be able to access tests and lab results much more quickly and efficiently. Canada is slowly entering the reopening phase after curbing the virus successfully. The entertainment industry restarted its operations in June with health and safety protocols in place.

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