Jobs in Nova Scotia Increased for Engineers and Skilled Workers
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Jobs in Nova Scotia Increased for Engineers and Skilled Workers

Ashley Shelton



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Nova Scotia, like all other Canadian provinces, has suffered the consequences of the pandemic. The COVID-19 measures have resulted in the transformation of the workplace. The job demand landscape has also changed unexpectedly, and it might take a while for everyone to get accustomed to it. 

In a new study, the Government of Canada analyzed the effects of the pandemic on various jobs in Nova Scotia. The hospitality sector suffered the most, and it makes sense considering how people were confined to their houses and barred from traveling for a fairly long time.

The public health measures that reduced the spread of COVID-19 were not necessarily favorable to this industry. 
However, the following jobs in nova scotia enjoyed an increase in demand:

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1. Natural and applied sciences

People were able to continue their work even during the pandemic by practicing social distancing or working remotely.

Employees in engineering fields are also wanted in Nova Scotia. Occupations include

  • User support technicians 
  • Information systems analysts, consultants
  • Computer programmers, interactive media developers 
  • Software engineers and designers

2. Business, Finance, Administration 

These sectors have embraced remote working and can hance provide many opportunities. These jobs are in demand in the province at the moment:

  • Administrative officers 
  • General office support workers 
  • Financial auditors and accountants 
  • Administrative assistants 

3. Trades, transport and equipment operators and associated jobs

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Construction wasn’t heavily affected by the pandemic. Employees met physical distancing requirements and used personal protective equipment to continue working. Carpenters, long-haul truck drivers, laborers, specialized tradespersons and heavy equipment operators are also in demand. 

4. Healthcare

The healthcare industry requires more skilled immigrants for jobs in nova scotia due to the aging population and the consequences of the pandemic. The following professions are in demand:

  • Licensed practical nurses   
  • Massage therapists 
  • Registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses 
  • Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates

You can look for suitable jobs starting now!

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