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Canada Flights Ban on Morocco has been Extended

Joseph Creech



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Canada had to restrict the arrival and departure of certain direct international canada flights to keep COVID-19 in check. Morocco was one of the countries on which Canada imposed a travel ban, and all flights between the two countries were canceled. 

Initially, the ban on direct Canada flights between Canada and Morocco was supposed to be a 30-day public health measure and remain effective until September 29. However, Canada has now decided to extend the flight ban further. Direct canada flights between the two countries will remain suspended until October 29. 

If you are planning to travel between Canada and Morocco within this period, you have to follow an indirect route. You have to locate an accessible third country from where you will be able to avail direct flights between these two countries. You have to test negative for COVID-19 to be allowed on the flight.

Recent updates

Canada has opened the border for fully vaccinated travelers coming from all countries in the first week of September 7.  They should carry a negative COVID-19 test for border officers to examine as well as proof of vaccination approved by Canada. Canada has approved the following vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, or Janssen (Johnston & Johnson).They should also have a quarantine plan for 14 days.

Canada has made it mandatory for incoming travelers to submit their personal and travel details via ArriveCAN mobile or web application. Travelers are advised to check the eligibility requirements before booking their tickets. Canada is unlikely to make an exception for anyone.

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