International couples are suffering because of immigration processing delays
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International couples are suffering because of immigration processing delays

Austin Campbell



International Couples Are Suffering Because of Immigration processing delays

The pandemic has had many negative effects on immigration, leading to numerous delays when it comes to processing applications. While IRCC is trying to keep up with the situation and introduce measures that will help Canadians and prospective immigrants, it is not easy. Many Canadians are of the opinion that the special IRCC measures have not been enough to reunite families who have been separated by the coronavirus outbreak.

Why are the measures not enough?

Canadians have spent a long time away from their foreign national loved ones, and they want faster action that will help them reunite. Citizens are mounting pressure on the government to take appropriate steps that will help people reconnect with their loved ones.

With the coronavirus outbreak, many of the existing flaws in the common-law and spousal sponsorship program have come to the forefront. For example, Temporary Resident Visas (TRV) are often rejected for spousal sponsorship applicants belonging to visa-required countries since they have to prove that they would leave Canada when their authorised stay expires in case their permanent residence application has not been finalised by then.

Common obstacles:


The current rules state that the foreign national spouses of Canadians will be considered exempt from travel restrictions. However, the coronavirus is still posing a lot of obstacles for couples who want to reunite. Many essential service outlets, such as biometric centres are shut down all over the world. The ones that are open are operating at reduced capacity as a result of which there are frequent delays in processing times.

Engaged couples are suffering the most since they are not eligible for common-law status. Foreign fiances and fiancees are not exempt from travel restrictions, and they are in a difficult position because Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will not accept virtual marriages for immigration.

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