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Canadian company is looking to hire tech workers who could be affected by U.S. immigration ban

Austin Campbell



Canadian company is looking to hire tech workers who could be affected by U.S. immigration ban

Foreign tech workers in the United States who are worried about their future might find some solace in Canadian tech businesses.

President Donald Trump of the United States decided to suspend immigration for the rest of 2020 for some visa holders a while back. The executive order also applies to H1-B visas that are usually allotted to highly-skilled tech immigrants. Since then, foreign tech workers in the United States have been unsure about their employment opportunities and immigration status. The ban could actually have serious consequences for many.

Can Canadian employers provide relief?

A Canadian company, Communitech, has begun an ad campaign and installed nine billboards around Silicon Valley to convey their willingness to accept foreign tech workers. The campaign specifically targets foreign tech workers working in the Bay Area who think that they might suffer because of the U.S. immigration ban.

Communitech has made it clear that they will provide tech workers with a work permit and health insurance. The Global Talent Stream in Canada will help in quick processing of the work permit.
Communitech wants to capitalise on the situation and provide help at the same time. Canada has always made it easy for Canadian employers to recruit skilled and talented workers via the Global Talent Stream.

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Iain Klugman, CEO of Communitech, told ABC7 News that the company is searching for great talent who would profit from a welcoming place like Canada. The company wants to encourage diversity and inclusion. Klugman acknowledges that the foreign tech workers who want to come to Canada actually end up creating a number of jobs for Canadians.

It is interesting that the United States justified the immigration ban in the U.S. by stating that it would preserve more jobs for American citizens.

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