Smaller cities have jobs for new immigrants to Canada
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Smaller cities have jobs for new immigrants to Canada

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The smaller cities in Canada are presenting new immigrants with good job opportunities, inexpensive housing, and higher quality of life. Over the last two decades, Canada has taken initiatives to encourage immigrants to shift to its smaller cities. The country has used the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) in order to pursue this goal successfully. The PNP allows provinces and territories all over the country to come up with their own eligibility criteria that have to be satisfied by economic class immigrants. The provinces and territories in question will then be able to nominate immigrants who satisfy their labor market needs for permanent residency in Canada. The PNP has been fairly successful in reducing the percentage of immigration to the three largest provinces in Canada, namely Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. The number has gone from 85 percent when the program was introduced in 1999 to around 70 percent in recent times.

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The federal government in Canada and its provinces and territories understand that more effort can be put into promoting immigration to smaller cities. As a result, the federal government has introduced many programs in the last decade to contribute to the cause. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP), and the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) have been effective, and there are plans to launch fresh programs like the Municipal Nominee Program (MNP). The provinces are operating PNP streams in order to help cities located outside the respective capitals gain access to more immigrants and skilled labor. Ontario will introduce a new Regional Immigration Pilot via its PNP during early 2020 because almost 80 percent of immigrants tend to settle in its capital region. As a result, many other cities across Ontario find it difficult to attract skilled immigrants in order to support their economies.

Smaller Canadian cities offer plenty of job opportunities to newcomers and a better quality of life. The tight-knit community is beneficial to human relationships.

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