Immigrants boosting population growth in Canada
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Immigrants boosting population growth in Canada

Austin Campbell



According to data collected by Statistics Canada, immigration has been the primary driver of population growth in Canada. As a result, the employment gap in Canada currently is actually the smallest it has ever been in the country. The recent population growth in Canada can be attributed to the influx of immigrants. The country is on its way to becoming increasingly diverse, which is a plus point in today’s global world. Moreover, the study also found that the existing employment gap between Canadian-born workers and immigrant workers is narrowing down at the moment, improving the balance of the workforce.

Statistics Canada states that 82 percent of the population growth in Canada in the last two years can be attributed to international migration. More and more Canadian provinces are voting in favor of immigration so as to propel population growth and improve the economy.

However, the natural population growth might continue on its downward trend. Most of the population gains will be largely driven by the increase in international migration. With Canada planning to increase the number of incoming immigrants, it comes as no surprise.

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With more immigrants joining the workforce, diversity is on its way up in urban cities. There has been a marked fall in the employment gap that existed between new immigrants and native Canadian workers. In fact, the gap is right now the smallest that it has ever been, which is an achievement by itself. The employment rate gap dropped to 13 percentage points in 2018 from 19 percentage points in 2010.

It is also noticeable that recent immigrants are enjoying faster growth when it comes to employment rates as compared to Canadian-born workers. Newcomers have seen the employment rate rise by 7.7 percentage points between 2010 and 2018. Visible minority populations will most probably continue on the upward trend in big cities.

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