Immigrants Shaping Canada's Job Landscape Across Sectors
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Immigrants Shaping Canada’s Job Landscape Across Sectors

Austin Campbell



Job Landscape

In the vast Canadian landscape, immigration stands as a beacon of vitality. As the Great Wmhite North grapples with a low birth rate and a greying population, immigration emerges as the keystone to economic prosperity. In this blog, we explore the idea of how immigration has become the catalyst for growth across job sectors.

Immigration Contribution – A Statistical Revelation

Statistics Canada, the maestro of Canadian data, orchestrates a symphony of immigrant contributions. As of May 2021, immigrants aged 25 to 54 accounted for substantial portions of key sectors, highlighting their strong role in Canada’s economic symphony.

1. Accommodation and Food Services (36%)

2. Transportation and Warehousing (38%)

3. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (34%)


4. Construction: Building Dreams (20%)

A Closer Look at Key Sectors


With 1.6 million healthcare professionals, Canada faces a retirement challenge. Immigrants, comprising 25% of the sector, offer a crucial solution, securing the industry’s future by stepping into these roles:

23% of registered nurses
35% of nurse aides and related occupations
37% of pharmacists
36% of physicians
39% of dentists
54% of dental technologists and related occupations

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In the dynamic world of business, immigrants make up 33% of all business owners with paid staff. With over 600,000 self-employed immigrants and 47,000 immigrants in senior management roles, creating a ripple effect of job opportunities in Canada.

Software publishers: 30%
Dentists’ offices: 36%Data processing, hosting, and services: 40%Restaurants: 50%Computer systems design and services: 51%Grocery stores: 53%Truck transportation: 56%


Arts and Culture

The vibrant arts and culture sector witnessed over 80,000 immigrant professionals, with a notable presence in key roles like:

1 in 4 artisans or craftspersons is an immigrant
26% of designers
29% of independent artists, writers, and performers

Food Services

In the food and beverage sector, immigrants fill over 25% of positions, addressing labor shortage. Notably, the sector employed 11% of immigrants arriving between 2011 and 2016.

Immigrants: 53% of all business owners with paid staff

Recent immigrants: Over 3,200 owned food or beverage businesses in 2016


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Science, Tech, and Green Revolution

In the realm of science and technology, immigrants contribute significantly:

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  • 34% in scientific research and development services.
  • 39% of computer programmers, 41% of engineers, and over 50% of chemists are immigrants.
  • International students: 27% in mathematics, computer, and information sciences programs.
  • STEM-educated immigrants: Nearly 500,000.

Canada’s Green Tech Surge

A $5 billion EV battery plant in Windsor is set to employ 2,500 by 2025, symbolizing Canada’s green tech momentum. Here are the provincial highlights, demonstrating the boom in tech jobs:

British Columbia (B.C.)PacifiCan invests $5.2 million, with an additional $2.3 million from B.C., generating 240 jobs, and $280 million in investments.

AlbertaForecasting 10% annual clean energy job growth with a projection of 419,000 new jobs by net-zero 2050—the fastest growth rate nationwide.

OntarioVueReal secures $8.5 million SDTC investment, plus $2 million from Invest Ontario; A Focus on tech platforms for micro- and nano-devices, generating job opportunities.


In 2021, Canada’s CleanTech sector employed 188,000, and the forecast is bold: a potential 30 million jobs from the green transition by 2030. Looking to net-zero 2050, Canada targets an impressive 1.3 million EV-related jobs—a striking 60-fold increase from 2025—plus nearly half a million in clean energy. 

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This emphasizes Canada’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and economic growth across science, technology, and green sectors. In short, the numbers speak volumes, but behind each statistic is a story of resilience, and the promise of a brighter, future for all who call Canada home.

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