Immediate Family of TFWs Can Finally Travel To Canada
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Immediate Family of TFWs Can Finally Travel To Canada

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Immediate Family of TFWs Can Finally Travel To Canada

Canada has decided to prioritize family reunification in light of the global pandemic. So many people have been forced to stay away from their families because of travel restrictions all over the world that Canada is currently trying to accommodate travelers who want to enter the country to meet their family.

Canada is willing to consider family reunification as an essential travel purpose, but this leniency only applies to immediate family members. Dependent children, spouses and common-law partners will be able to get this advantage.

Immediate families of temporary foreign workers could not cross the Canadian border because they were not exempt from the restrictions. However, now that Canada is willing to allow for the reunification of immediate family members, there is a chance that they might be able to arrive in Canada.

Conditions of travel

Temporary visits are still not on the card. Immediate family members of TFWs should arrive in Canada either for establishing residence permanently there or for an essential reason in line with IRCC’s current policies.


IRCC has outlined the program instructions to be followed. Family members of temporary foreign workers should try to be exempt from Canada’s border restrictions on their own merit. This will definitely make the process much easier.

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However, if that is not possible, they must obtain an FRL or a written authorization letter from IRCC to cross the border. The family members should also make it clear to the IRCC officer who will issue the FRL that they are coming to Canada for a non-disclosure purpose. The officer will evaluate your circumstances and issue the FRL that you can give to the border official upon arrival.

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