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Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications in Canada Immigration

Isabel Rice



Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications in Canada Immigration

Canada, with continuous efforts, has been successful in establishing an immigration system that values every single candidate. The system tries to remain consistent and dependable for a certain section of applicants, while also being flexible for another section. 

If you are planning to immigrate to Canada, you should be aware of the Immigration and Refugee Protection or Act or IRPA as it is the main statute controlling Canadian immigration. While IRPA demands certain eligibility requirements from prospective applicants, it also offers a fair chance to people who might not fulfill the requirements necessarily.

The 25(1) part of the IRPA gives a chance to people who fail to meet the application requirements, one or multiple, to submit an application. This means that the government might waive the requirements for a candidate who is able to provide an explanation as to why they should be an exception based on humanitarian and compassionate or H&C grounds.

Next Steps

It is important to remember that Humanitarian and Compassionate consideration is only the first step. The request can be approved or denied. The immigration system has the responsibility of taking such an H&C application into consideration if a foreign national within Canada applies for it.


People outside Canada are also eligible to file for Humanitarian and Compassionate consideration, but Canadian immigration is not legally obligated to cater to them. 

Canada follows a well-developed framework in order to evaluate these applications. Immigration officials and officers are able to exempt candidates on many different grounds fairly since they follow the same rules.

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