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How to Ace Job Interview in Canada?

Austin Campbell



How to Ace Job Interview in Canada

As a newcomer in Canada, you must prepare for job interviews in advance. Interviewing in a country might sound like a daunting task and can be nerve-wracking too. Here, we will help you with a few tips on how to ace your job interview in Canada.

Important steps to help you prepare for a job interview in Canada

1: Understand the job description

First and foremost, take your time to thoroughly understand the job posting and ask relevant questions to the interviewer. A typical job description will include responsibilities, required qualifications, skills, and previous work experience.

Carefully reading the job description will offer you a fair idea of what exactly the employer is looking for and this will help you align yourself with the employer’s expectations. However, if you feel there is a gap, prepare convincing responses to exhibit your ability to learn and grow.


2: Research

Always remember to research the company before applying for a job is an essential step in preparing for a job interview. It will not only help you ask relevant questions but also help you learn about the organization. Research about the company on LinkedIn, and Glassdoor and make sure you know about the company culture, market competition, and positioning before going for the interview.

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3: Create an elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a short introductory speech that can be used to introduce yourself. A good elevator pitch sounds compelling and is an ideal way to introduce yourself to a recruiter or an interviewer.

4: Carry your portfolio or work samples


Carrying your portfolios and work samples to the job interview will help the interviewer to go through your work and leave a compelling impression. Always make sure to showcase your domain knowledge in whichever way possible, this will surely help you land an opportunity.

5: Prepare to answer commonly asked interview questions

In Canada, the telephonic round is usually the first round of interviews. Over the call, a recruiter will ask you a few sets of questions related to your professional experience and skills. This round is followed up with an in-person interview with the hiring manager or the team to evaluate your domain knowledge.

The initial interview rounds usually comprise questions like ‘tell me about yourself to ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses.’ Memorizing answers to such common questions will help you be more confident during the interview.

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