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Immigration Announcement

Faster Processing of Spousal Immigration Applications

Austin Campbell



Sponsor Your Spouse To Canada

The Canadian government has clarified multiple times that family reunification has become the priority in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. The processing slowed down during the lockdown but has now resumed and is faster than before.

Many people are being forced to stay away from their loved ones during this time, which is a tragedy considering that the pandemic has only made us realize how much we want companionship. So, Canada has decided to alleviate this situation by processing spousal immigration applications at a faster rate allowing more couples to reunite.

Increased processing

In September, IRCC announced that they would try to process a maximum of 6,000 spousal applications every month until the end of 2020. New data shows that IRCC has stuck to its promise of expediting applications. In July, IRCC had just finalized 2000 applications and this number doubled in September. They are well on their way to increase the number further. The number of in-land, as well as overseas applications, has increased.

Going forward


Before the coronavirus health crisis, Canada had set a target of welcoming about 70,000 immigrants in the year via the Spouses, Partner, and Children category. Usually, partners and spouses of permanent residents and Canadian citizens can secure sponsorship through this program. The importance of this program is indicated by the fact that Canada has decided to increase its target over the next three years, as stated by the new Immigrations Plan.

If you are planning to sponsor your spouse, conjugal partner, or common-law partner, you should read up on the eligibility requirements and get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

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