Express Entry allowed for the entry of over 92,000 immigrants in 2018
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Express Entry

Express Entry allowed for the entry of over 92,000 immigrants in 2018

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Express Entry for Immigrants

Canada is one of the champion countries of the world when it comes to immigration. By embracing globalization, Canada has established itself as one of the most popular destinations among people who are looking to live abroad. The end of year report for 2018 showed that Canada admitted over 92,000 new permanent residents just through the Express Entry system alone during the year. This marked a massive 41% rise over the year according to this new federal government reports.

All the data has been compiled in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s report of 2018 in regard to the Express Entry system. The report was released on 2nd July. This increase is in tandem with Canada’s rising admissions targets for its three Federal High Skilled economic-class immigration programs that are classified under the Express Entry system, namely the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Trades Class. It also takes into account a part of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

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The federal government in Canada, along with most of its provinces and territories, are open to immigration streams that allow them to pick candidates from the Express Entry pool. These candidates are then awarded the opportunity to submit their applications for Canadian permanent residence.

The admissions target for all the three programs rose in Canada during 2018, and the numbers are predicted to continue increasing over the next few years. The country has also widened its admission target for the PNP. It became 55,000 in 2018, and the figure is slated to rise every year through 2021.

According to the IRCC, this rise in the Express Entry admissions could be attributed to a large number of Federal High Skilled candidates who underwent processing in 2017 but were granted citizenship in 2018.



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