Employment growth in Canada: November Edition
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Employment Growth In Canada: November Edition

Isabel Rice



Employment growth in Canada November Edition

The pandemic has not spared any countries from its damaging effects. Not only has the disease put people at risk, but safety measures like lockdowns are also taking a toll on everyone. Canada was forced to enter a lockdown in the wake of the pandemic, the effects of which are still apparent in the Canadian economy.

While the country is on its healing path now that the infection rates are low, there is no doubt that it will be some time before Canada can go back to its pre-pandemic situation.

The labor market definitely improved in November, but the recovery rate is still not satisfactory. In fact, it is slowing down, according to the Labor Force Survey released by Statistics Canada. 

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Overall Results 

The survey is based on the labor market situation in the period between Nov 8 and Nov 14. More Canadians managed to secure jobs in November (372,000) as compared to the ones who became unemployed (317, 000) in November.


Overall, employment increased by 0.3%, which is just a little lesser than October’s increase of 0.5%. Unemployment stood at 8.5% in November, which is a huge improvement from what it was back in May and April. 

The employment growth mostly suffered in industries related to information, accommodation, and culture and recreation. On the other hand, hospitals and schools helped to boost the growth of the public sector. 

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Provinces in November 

The four Atlantic provinces, British Columbia and Ontario saw a rise in employment. Manitoba is one of the few provinces that saw a fall in employment. Prince Edward Island created a thousand more jobs. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador managed to restore pre-pandemic levels, which is a huge achievement. The employment rate mostly remained the same in Saskatchewan, Quebec, and Alberta.

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