Best employers in Canada for 2020
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Best employers in Canada for 2020

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According to Forbes, these are the best places to work if you are in Canada.

  1. Google

If you are planning to work in IT, or Software and Services, then you can take a shot at this world-famous search engine. Having been nominated as the best place to work in Canada for three consecutive years, Google has its Canadian offices in Toronto, Montreal, Kitchener, Edmonton, and Ontario.

  1. Hydro-Québec

Hydro-Québec, one of the best places to work if you are interested in Utilities, operates out of Montreal, Quebec. The province’s public utility company is responsible for powering homes all across Quebec and is rated as the second-best place to work in the country.

  1. Cisco Systems

With headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Cisco is responsible for developing, manufacturing, and selling technology products and services. The company is hiring in many major Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.

  1. Costco Wholesale

For workers planning to become a part of the Retail and Wholesale industry, Costco is the best choice. It is situated in almost all Canadian provinces and sells wholesale merchandise to buyers who have memberships. You can pursue different career paths with Costco by working in information technology, marketing, finance, and many more.

  1. Ubisoft
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Ubisoft is a video game giant and operates out of Montreal, Quebec. It boasts of nearly 16,000 employees and is the perfect place if you are into media, advertising, or video game designing. You can take up job positions in animation, quality control, or programming.

  1. Microsoft

This multinational computer company has its headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, and is ranked higher this year. In September 2020, the office in Mississauga will shift to downtown Toronto.

  1. Boeing

If your interest lies in Aerospace and Defense, then you will enjoy working for Boeing in any one of these six areas: data science and analytics, business, engineering, information technology, cybersecurity, and manufacturing.

  1. Air Transat

This airline offers competitive wages, travel benefits and social advantages to its employees.

The ninth and tenth positions were occupied by FedEx and the University of Toronto respectively.

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