Employer responsibilities important for protecting Temporary Foreign Workers and Canadians against the pandemic
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Employer responsibilities important for protecting Temporary Foreign Workers and Canadians against the pandemic

Austin Campbell



Foreign workers and Canada permanent residents

Canadian employers have been granted permission to bring temporary foreign workers into Canada, but it is important that they actively try to ensure the safety of the new workers and the Canadian residents. All travelers to Canada will have to go through a 14-day self-isolation period. They might not even be allowed to stop at the grocery store to pick up essentials. Employers should support this measure for the health and wellbeing of the new workers. The Canadian government has stated nine criteria that employers will have to follow to comply with the quarantine regulations.

  • Employers have to abide by all the laws and policies related to employer-employee relationship beginning from the self-isolation period.
  • Foreign workers should get regular pay and benefits even when they are self-isolated. Wages should not be deducted.
  • Employers cannot allow the workers to take on professional duties during their self-isolation even if they are okay with it.
  • The employers have to track the health and well-being of the workers who are in self-isolation. They should also communicate with employees who become ill or show symptoms. Maintaining a record of the communication is beneficial.
  • They should ensure that symptomatic workers are fully and immediately isolated from the rest. They should contact the local health officials and the appropriate consulate.
  • Employers should make sure that employees have access to proper hygiene and sanitation facilities. They should provide alcohol-based sanitizers and soaps.
  • They should provide correct information to workers about COVID-19 on or before the beginning of self-isolation. Talking in a language familiar to the foreign worker is recommended.
  • All Canadian residents, including employers, are obliged to report Quarantine Act violations to any local law enforcement agency.
  • They should follow all the latest public health requirements and health safety laws.

Employers who provide accommodation for workers have to abide by other criteria as well alongside these.

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