Changes in government services for Quebec immigrants
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Changes in government services for Quebec immigrants

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Changes in government services for Quebec immigrants

The times are uncertain, and it is only natural that you have doubts and concerns. We have addressed some common questions.

What to do if coronavirus is not letting me work?

You can check any of the financial assistance programs initiated by the Canadian and Quebec governments.

Is it possible to submit an application for CSQ under the PEQ in case I lost my job due to the pandemic?

No, that is not possible since having a job is a mandatory requirement for applicants who want to apply for permanent selection via the Quebec Experience Program. The PEQ requires eligible candidates to have 12 months of full-time professional experience. However, the work experience does not have to be attained consecutively. You can accumulate it in a period of 24 months. Once you are employed again, you will be able to apply under the PEQ if you have 12 months of full-time work experience.


How can international students submit their applications via the PEQ when they do not have an official diploma?

You should only submit official transcripts and attestations, proving that you have successfully completed the study program, to the MIFI. International students are allowed to apply for permanent selection via the PEQ if they are graduates of a Quebec post-secondary institution. The study program must have had two-year duration at the very least. Once you submit the diploma and official transcript/ attestation, you can apply for a CSQ in the next three years. You will be able to secure a Post Graduation Work Permit during this time that will allow you to work in Quebec for three years. The work experience you gain during this time will let you apply as a temporary foreign worker or as a graduate.

Can I submit important documents in person?

If you want to submit important documents to the Registraire de la francization, you can put them in the deposit box that is located on the ground floor of the MIFI office, Montreal. You should send all other documents by mail at the moment.

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