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Celebrating Canadian Citizenship: A Milestone Worth Honouring

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Celebrating Canadian Citizenship

With a rich history and a diverse multicultural landscape, Canada offers incredible opportunities and a sense of belonging to those who call it home. In light of this, Citizenship is an important step for people seeking permanent residence in Canada. In addition, being a citizen signifies acceptance of Canada’s rights and responsibilities of the nation. To celebrate and recognize such rights, IRCC celebrates Citizenship Week each year. This week-long event brings together individuals, communities, and organizations from coast to coast.

Recently, Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship announced the beginning of Citizenship Week, which will take place from May 22 to May 28, 2023. According to the IRCC report, the Minister will be present at citizenship ceremonies in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

There will soon be thousands of new citizens of Canada. Everyone will be present at citizenship ceremonies this week across Canada to commemorate Citizenship Week. The IRCC has been attempting to modernize its services and has made significant advancements in the area of citizenship through digital mode. Canada welcomed around 364,000 new citizens in 2017, exceeding its citizenship targets. In the first three months of 2023, 85,000 new residents had already arrived in Canada.

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The Significance of Canadian Citizenship

By being a citizen, Canadian citizens enjoy a wide array of benefits, including the right to vote, access to healthcare and education, and the opportunity to participate fully in the country’s vibrant cultural, social, and economic fabric.

Citizenship Ceremonies in Canada

One of the highlights of Citizenship Week is the citizenship ceremonies, where individuals from diverse backgrounds officially become Canadian citizens. These ceremonies are filled with joy, pride, and a profound sense of accomplishment. The new citizens take the Oath of Citizenship, pledging their commitment to Canada and its values, while embracing their rights and responsibilities as Canadian citizens.


The citizenship ceremony is the last step in the process of becoming a Canadian citizen after you have successfully passed the citizenship test and interview. A citizenship judge normally oversees this procedure. Nearly 30,000 persons took the Oath of Citizenship each month on average between April 1st, 2022, and March 31st, 2023, exceeding pre-COVID-19 figures. Nearly 100 citizenship ceremonies are scheduled for Citizenship Week with the goal of welcoming nearly 13,000 new Canadians.

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Eligibility for Canadian citizenship

In order to be eligible to apply for citizenship, permanent residents must have lived physically in Canada for three of the five years immediately prior to the application. Being a Canadian has benefits since, unlike permanent residents, Canadian citizens are not subject to a residency requirement. They are also eligible to apply for Canadian passports and cast ballots in local, provincial, and federal elections.



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