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Canadians Supporting Temporary Foreign Workers in Boosting the Economy, Reveals Poll

Robert Cannon



Canadians Supporting Temporary Foreign Workers

In a recent poll conducted by Nanos Research, the majority of Canadians have expressed strong support for temporary foreign workers in boosting the economy.

As per the findings, 48% of respondents believe that temporary foreign workers are important, with an additional 34% considering them somewhat important. Interestingly, older Canadians aged 55 and above (56%) show a higher level of agreement compared to their younger counterparts (38%)

Key Insights from The Extensive Globe and Mail Poll

The comprehensive poll, commissioned by the Globe and Mail, delved into various aspects of Canadians’ perspectives on temporary foreign workers. It explored their importance to the economy, backing for employers bringing them to Canada, willingness to allow them to become citizens or permanent residents, openness to more temporary foreign workers, and the possibility of changing employers.

Nanos Research adopted a meticulous approach, conducting a dual-frame hybrid survey involving both landlines and cell phones. The random survey included 1,006 Canadians aged 18 and older, with the data collected between December 17 and 29, 2029. The margin of error for this survey is ± 3.1 percentage points.

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One notable discovery from the survey is that a significant majority of Canadians (49% support, 30% somewhat support) back the idea of employers bringing in temporary foreign workers to fill positions that are challenging to fill with Canadian workers. This support is particularly robust in the Atlantic region (61% support, 25% somewhat support) and Quebec (57% support, 32% somewhat support).

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Furthermore, over two-thirds of Canadians expressed support for allowing interested temporary foreign workers to remain in the country and become citizens or permanent residents. The level of support is higher among older Canadians (74% of those 55 and above) compared to their younger counterparts (62% of those between 18 and 34).

Challenges Amidst Temporary Resident Admissions Debate

Randall Bartlett raises a cautionary flag, emphasizing the delicate balance needed in adjusting temporary newcomer admissions to mitigate the impact on the anticipated 2024 recession and potential GDP.

A sharp reduction, he warns, might exacerbate the economic downturn, affecting housing affordability and provincial finances. According to Bartlett, halving the number of temporary residents could significantly dip real GDP below forecasts, potentially doubling the recession.

On the contrary, maintaining or increasing non-permanent resident (NPR) admissions could catalyze GDP growth, offering a potential avenue to avert a recession. However, these potential shifts bring challenges for the Bank of Canada, influencing inflation rates and the duration of higher interest rates.


Support for TFW Adapting Jobs, Quebec Leading the Way

In terms of flexibility, Canadians are more inclined to support (31%) than oppose (17%) the idea of allowing temporary foreign workers, initially brought in for a specific job, to change employers. Quebec residents, in particular, are more supportive (43%) compared to residents of the Prairie region (24%) and British Columbia (26%). This poll underlines the broad consensus among Canadians regarding the positive impact, necessity, and role of temporary foreign workers, on the Canadian economy and labor market. As the federal government maintains its immigration targets, the discourse on the role of temporary resident admissions takes center stage, shaping Canada’s economic narrative in the coming years.

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