Canadian travel ban exceptions will not change inadmissibility
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Canadian travel ban exceptions will not change inadmissibility

Margaret Cooley



Canada Travel Ban - Restrictions and Exemptions

The Canadian government has issued travel restrictions because of the coronavirus epidemic. They have also announced some exceptions as to the people who will still be able to fly into the country. However, it is important to remember that being exempt from the travel bans imposed by Canada cannot be viewed as a measure to combat inadmissibility.


As the pandemic continues to affect places all over the world, the government of Canada is trying its best to reduce the spread of the virus. The travel restrictions are meant to reduce the influx of foreign nationals into the country. Canada understood that it is important to impose tight restrictions on the travelers who want to enter the country, but they granted the multiple exemptions so that the economy would not slump to a complete standstill.

The policy is that the travels which can be essential for the Canadian economy will be allowed. Moreover, certain family members of Canadian citizens and permanent citizens will also be allowed into the country. This is because the family members are included in the federal government’s term, “immediate family” that includes dependent children, spouses or common-law partners, parents or step-parents, etc.

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Confusion arises:


However, one should not think that this means that the individuals will be allowed into the country even if they do not have the proper authorization. Otherwise, they will not be able to cure the necessary visas or permits. A large number of Canadians misunderstood the initial orders, and this caused confusion. They believed that order made way for a facilitated manner via which their immediate family members could enter the country regardless of other requirements.

The exemptions related to the travel restrictions do not give individuals any additional rights when they enter the country. The immigration authorities will judge the potential immigrants in exactly the same way.

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