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Can you stay in Canada even after losing your job?

Margaret Cooley



Foreign Nationals Temporary Residents Work Permit

The coronavirus has put many people’s jobs at risk. In case you lose your job due to the pandemic, it is not mandatory for you to leave the country as soon as possible. Foreign nationals who lost their jobs after layoffs in the company because of the spread of the virus are now wondering if they will lose their permission to stay in Canada. The employment loss can affect their Canadian immigration applications, and they are at a loss as to how they should proceed.

The truth is that there are alternative options you can go for, even if you have lost your job. Foreign nationals who are in Canada with a work permit will be allowed to extend their permit. They may even apply for a new visa altogether or modify their status before their current status expires. In case the permit is no longer valid, they can still search for other options instead of giving up altogether.

How to go about it?

Canadian work experience is an important factor in economic-class immigration, but unemployed temporary residents should find solace in the fact that they can benefit from the implied status. The temporary residents like study and work permit holders will be able to stay in the country as long as they abide by the conditions of their original permit if they have already applied for the renewal of their status.

This implied status will only be valid until a decision is passed on the new application. When approved, the applicant will be able to continue working or studying based on the conditions of the new permit. In case the applications are not approved, the foreigners can choose to leave Canada or submit an application for restoration of status.


However, they can only do so if their original permit expired less than 90 days ago. The foreign nationals will not be able to study or work when they are waiting for a decision to be passed on their restoration status.

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