Canadian Immigration: Before and After Coronavirus
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Canadian Immigration: Before and After Coronavirus

Ashley Shelton



Canadian Immigration Before and After Coronavirus

Marco Mendicino, Canadian immigration minister, made many public announcements in February and March declaring that Canada will have to boost its immigration levels in order to uphold economic prosperity. Even at that time, it was not apparent that the pandemic would damage the immigration levels so much.

Impact of the pandemic:

Coronavirus has caused significant devastation all over the world, and Canada is no exception. The pandemic has had an adverse effect on all Canadians to some degree. The economy suffered a huge blow when the country decided to prioritize public safety and enforce a lockdown for a temporary period. It was the right decision because there is nothing more precious than human life is, and every individual deserves the best safety and care.

Canada has already begun to open up, which is a good sign. Being a wealthy country, it will be able to restore its economy soon, hopefully. Immigration will be the only solution for solving the unemployment problems of the nation.

The arrival of immigrants into the country will boost economic health by a large margin. After the crisis is over, there is no doubt that the entire focus will shift to restoring the Canadian economy.


Need for immigrants:

Canada has an aging population, which, coupled with a low birth rate, is the cause of the country’s labor woes. The birth rate is so low that it will not be able to maintain the size of the population.

The adverse effects on the economy because of the coronavirus only add to the problems.

The country will benefit from adding immigrant workers to their force and helping them be more productive. Looking towards under-utilized talent sources like Indigenous peoples, women, persons with disabilities, and seniors can boost growth. Immigration will play a crucial role in ensuring that Canada’s labor force growth does not fall short of the requirement.

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