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Canada’s Most Livable Cities for Newcomers in 2024

Austin Campbell



Canada's Most Livable Cities

Canada, known for its welcoming communities and diverse opportunities has been scrutinized by The Globe and Mail to present the top 20 most livable cities for newcomers. If you’re contemplating a move to Canada in 2024, this guide is your key to discovering the cities that offer not only a warm welcome but also a seamless integration into Canadian life.

The Study: 43 Variables Across 10 Crucial Categories

The study, encompassing data from 439 cities with populations over 10,000, delves into 43 variables spanning 10 vital categories. These categories, including economy, demographics, health care, safety, education, community, amenities, transportation, climate, and housing in Canada offer a holistic view of each city’s strengths and overall livability.

The Rankings Unveiled

  1. Pitt Meadows, BC: A Gem in British Columbia
  2. Victoria, BC: Vancouver Island’s Cultural Haven
  3. Winnipeg, MN: The Heart of Manitoba
  4. North Vancouver, BC: Where Nature Meets Urban Living
  5. Saanich, BC: Suburban Retreat with Connectivity
  6. Wellesley, ON: Ontario’s Hidden Gem
  7. Burlington, ON: Urban Amenities in a Tranquil Setting
  8. Regina, SK: Saskatchewan’s City of Opportunities
  9. Delta, BC: Embracing Diversity in Greater Vancouver
  10. Maple Ridge, BC: Affordability Meets Quality Living
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A Deep Dive into Crucial Categories

Economy: Cities like Oak Bay, Colwood, Norwich, Middlesex Centre, and Port Coquitlam boast financial health, with unemployment rates below 6%.

Housing: Evaluation of affordability and accessibility, considering factors like property tax and senior housing per capita.

Demographics: Cities like Port Coquitlam, Abbotsford, West Vancouver, Delta, North Vancouver, and Winnipeg excel in diversity beyond the Canadian average.

Healthcare: Examining accessibility, quality, and resident perception, cities like Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and North Vancouver score high.


Safety: Wellesley takes the lead with an 88% lower likelihood of crime than the Canadian average, joined by Pitt Meadows, North Vancouver, Saanich, and Burlington.

Education: Assessment of educational qualifications and institutions in the area.

Community: West Vancouver and Coldstream lead in fostering a sense of belonging, reaching 74% of the population.

Amenities: Evaluation of recreational facilities, entertainment options, and proximity to essential services.

Transportation: North Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Victoria surpass the Canadian average in walkability.


Climate: Examining extreme climate conditions and seasonal factors, revealing Winnipeg and Regina with the most days colder than -15 degrees Celsius.

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Your New Beginning Awaits

As you explore these cities, consider the unique offerings each presents. The study not only provides rankings but serves as a compass, guiding you toward the city that aligns with your aspirations. Canada’s most livable cities are ready to embrace newcomers, offering a promising start and endless opportunities. Discover, decide, and embark on your journey to a new and vibrant Canadian life!

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