Canada's Mentorship Initiative for Internationally-Educated Nurses
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Canada’s Mentorship Initiative for Internationally-Educated Nurses

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Internationally-Educated Nurses

In a bid to bolster the integration of internationally-educated nurses in Canada’s healthcare system, the government has allocated an additional $388,000 towards a mentorship pilot program. Health Minister Mark Holland highlighted the importance of supporting healthcare workers, emphasizing their pivotal role in delivering quality care to Canadians.

The initiative, spearheaded by the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN), aims to facilitate the seamless transition of IENs into the workforce through mentorship, workshops, and training sessions. Cynthia Baker, the executive director of CASN, highlighted the program’s focus on reducing transition stress and culture shock for IENs, thereby enhancing their retention and integration into Canada’s healthcare workforce.

Government Support for Nurses in Canada

This latest funding injection supplements the $2.4 million provided by the government last year for CASN’s National Nurse Residency Program, which supports newly graduated registered nurses in navigating the shift from academia to practice. Yasir Naqvi, parliamentary secretary to the minister of health, reiterated the government’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the healthcare sector, including workforce recruitment and retention.

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The CASN’s National Nurse Residency Program, established in collaboration with various healthcare agencies across the country, serves as a crucial platform for nurturing nursing talent and ensuring a robust healthcare workforce.


Moreover, CASN’s recent unveiling of the Nursing Retention Toolkit underscores the ongoing efforts to support nurses’ mental health and well-being. Dr. Leigh Chapman, Canada’s chief nursing officer, stressed the significance of prioritizing nurses’ mental, emotional, and spiritual health to sustain a resilient healthcare system. This toolkit, comprising eight core themes ranging from flexible work arrangements to safe staffing practices, equips healthcare employers with actionable strategies to enhance nurse retention and job satisfaction.

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The government’s vision to bolster the healthcare workforce extends beyond mentorship initiatives. Last year’s federal budget earmarked substantial investments toward healthcare improvements, including support for workforce planning and foreign credential recognition programs. Recognizing the invaluable contributions of internationally educated healthcare professionals, the government has allocated additional funding to expedite the recognition of foreign credentials and facilitate their integration into the Canadian workforce.

Express Entry System: The Pathway to Immigration for Healthcare Workers

Furthermore, Canada’s Express Entry system now targets occupations in high-demand sectors, including healthcare, offering a pathway to immigration for skilled professionals. This targeted approach, coupled with ongoing mentorship and support initiatives, reflects Canada’s commitment to nurturing a talented healthcare workforce to meet the evolving needs of its population.

The newly launched mentorship initiatives for internationally educated nurses in Canada signify a concerted effort to address workforce challenges and ensure the delivery of quality healthcare services. By investing in mentorship programs, supporting mental health initiatives, and streamlining credential recognition processes, Canada is poised to strengthen its healthcare system and uphold its commitment to excellence in patient care.

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