Canada’s Immigration Minister supports the promotion of positive benefits of immigration
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Immigration Announcement

Canada’s Immigration Minister supports the promotion of positive benefits of immigration

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Canada’s Immigration Minister

Canada is a country that has set high standards in the field of immigration for the rest of the world. The Immigration Minister of Canada, Ahmed Hussein, has recently expressed his thoughts on the positive impact of immigration on Canada. He believes that refugees and immigrants play a very important role in taking the country and its economy forward. In his address to a gathering of international immigration experts in Ottawa, Hussein came forward with his opinion.

He expressed his admiration for the theme of the International Metropolis Conference, which was “The Promise of Migration.” He believes that ‘it is the kind of conversation’ that we should be having considering that we now live in a global sphere.

The annual conference is popular among immigration experts all over the world. It was attended by over a thousand immigration officials and experts who flew in from different places. The immigration minister talked about the need for Canadians to have repeated conversations on the subject of immigration so they can establish the proven benefits of immigration. Everyone needs to work together to combat the problems of irregular migration.

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Hussein said that he had gained a fair amount of experience working as Canada’s Immigration Minister, which has helped him understand how important immigration is in a country like Canada. This is because industrialized nations like Canada are facing labor shortages at the moment due to their declining birth rates and rapidly aging population.

Immigration is the only way to fill that vacuum. Although he always had an idea about the role of immigration by reading different reports, he did not understand how essential it was to invite new immigrants and skilled workers to the economy till he became a minister himself. All Canadian businesses depended on them.

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