Canada-U.S. Border To Remain Shut For Another Month
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Canada-U.S. Border To Remain Shut For Another Month



Canada-U.S. Border To Remain Shut For Another Month

Canada has been very cautious when it comes to travel restrictions. The country has managed to bring the pandemic situation under control as compared to many other international countries, and there is no reason why they should take a risk. 

In the last few months, Canada has slowly started to introduce exemptions and allow more people into the country. However, the country is choosing to let its border with the United States remain shut for another month until 21st December.

The primary purpose of the extension of the border closure is to keep U.S. travelers from coming to Canada for shopping, tourism, or any other entertainment purpose. Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, and Bill Blair, Public Safety Minister, conveyed the news via Twitter. 

Who can enter Canada?

Canada has been extending this border closure one month at a time ever since the pandemic. U.S. travelers who are considered exempt from the travel restrictions are still allowed to enter the country. In fact, any U.S. citizen can come to Canada as long as they have a non-discretionary and non-optional reason for doing so. It is important to remember that anybody who enters Canada will have to quarantine for two weeks without fail.


As of October, Canada has begun to allow extended family members of permanent residents and Canadian citizens to cross the border. However, they have to stay for fifteen days minimum. Moreover, international students can now enter the country if they are enrolled in a DLI that has a coronavirus-readiness plan which has been approved by the government. It is also possible for people to arrive in Canada on compassionate grounds.

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