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Prince Edward Island Hosts New PNP Draw

Austin Campbell



PEI PNP Canada

Canadian immigration is picking up its pace in the hope of making up for the losses suffered in 2020. The pandemic definitely forced the country to slow down and limit immigration for the majority of the year. In fact, the border restrictions still haven’t been lifted. However, the Canadian provinces are continuing their immigration processes so that eligible foreign workers can contribute to the provincial labor market as soon as possible.

On November 19, Prince Edward Island organized an immigration draw targeting candidates belonging to the Express Entry, Business Impact, and Labor Impact categories.

Details of the draw

A total of 254 candidates received invitations, out of which 221 were assigned to candidates in the Express Entry and Labor Impact categories. They had to submit an EOI profile in order to be considered for the draw.

The Express Entry category of the PEI PNP works alongside the federal Express Entry system as an enhanced PNP. Candidates in the pool are scored on the basis of certain factors such as education, work experience, language proficiency, and more. Successful candidates who manage to get provincial nominations receive a bonus of 600 points, as a result of which they have a much higher chance of getting invited for permanent residence.


The Labor Impact category caters to foreign candidates with an existing job offer in Prince Edward Island. The employers offer support to the candidates in this case. There are three streams under this category, namely Critical Worker, International Graduate, and Skilled Worker.

The rest of the invitations, 22 to be exact, were distributed among Business Impact candidates during the draw. The required EOI score was 92 for them.

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