Canada Topped The USA As The Favorite Location For Foreign Workers
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Canada Topped The USA As The Favorite Location For Foreign Workers

Ashley Shelton



Canada foreign workers

Canada has topped the U.S. as the most attractive destination for foreign workers, according to a report on global talent. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and The Network surveyed a total of 209,000 people in 190 countries.

The reason why the US falls behind Canada is due to the strict Immigration rules under the Trump administration or the widespread social unrest caused to police brutality which turned into a nationwide protest named “Black Lives Matter”.

Another reason that makes the USA behind the race is the ongoing pandemic. How countries are dealing with the COVID-19 is a major contributing factor among foreigners. According to the survey between October and December 2020, only 50 percent of people are only willing to work abroad while the rest prefer to work remotely for companies in the USA and Canada.

Canada ranked highest in terms of degree holders, doctorate, and those under 30 with specialization in the digital field. 

Canada has become the favorite destination for the Canada immigrants 


The scenic beauty, high-quality education for children and its universal health care system is the reason why people wants to immigrate to Canada. 

There are many programs run by the Canadian government for the Canada Immigrants like the Federal Skilled worker program under the Express Entry which helps them gain more points. The eligible applicants who come under the PNP programs can increase their chances to get permanent residents in Canada.  

The applicants who want to immigrate to Canada must meet the minimum language requirement and possess 1 or 2 years of work experience in Canada to fall under the Canadian Experience Class program. 


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