The Canadian government and the U.S revealed travel restrictions
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The Canadian government and the U.S revealed details about who can travel amidst the cross-border restriction

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US and Canada Travel Restrictions

In regards to the cross-border travel restrictions implementing on 21st March, the Canadian, as well as the United States government, has announced details about who will have the leverage to still cross borders and who will not.

This restriction applies to travelers who want to cross borders without a vital purpose. According to the government of Canada, this type of travel falls under the category of travel which is for tourism and recreational purposes. Travelers with this motive are not allowed to cross borders from 21st March and will last till the following 30 days. Canada and the US after the end of this give time period will again analyze the cross-border restrictions and then come to a conclusion.

In the statement released by the Canadian government, the Canadian and American people who has the work permit will only be seen as essential travelers. On 20th March, The Homeland Security Department in the US has also given a notice explaining details of the cross-border restrictions.

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The notice stated that traveling across the border of both countries is only applicable to the people with ‘essential-travel’ who are mainly-

  • United States citizens and legal permanent residents wanting to come back to the U.S
  • People in need of medical treatments in the U.S
  • Students wanting to attend their educational institutions
  • Individuals who have to travel for public health reasons and emergency response. For e.g. any government authorities entering the U.S to provide Federal, local, state, and tribal government efforts for the current global pandemic or any additional emergencies.
  • People related to lawful border-crossing trade like truck drivers who wants to support the cargo movement between the U.S and Canada.
  • Individuals taking part in government official or diplomatic travel
  • Individuals who are a member of the Armed forces in the US or the spouses or children of the members wanting to come back to the country.
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