Canada makes rules tighter for foreigners transiting to Alaska
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Canada makes rules tighter for foreigners transiting to Alaska

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Canada makes rules tighter for foreigners transiting to Alaska

The Canadian border has issued strict rules for travelers who want to transit between Alaska and the rest of the United States through Canada. CBSA is making sure that these travelers follow quarantine rules even while they are in transit.

These new rules are applicable to people who are making the journey for non-discretionary reasons. A border services memo on essential travel cited that people traveling between states for work or to go to their primary residence in the United States fall in that category.


The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) regulations state that the drivers who want to go through Canada in order to reach Alaska can only cross the border at specific points of entry. They will be given an acceptable period of stay to complete the transit.

However, it is mandatory for them to use the most direct route available from the border crossing to the exit. They cannot change their route to accommodate leisure sites, national parks, or any other tourism activities. They have to report to CBSA and provide a confirmation of their exit from Canada before they can enter the United States.


The border officers will give hang tags to drivers so they can attach those to their rear-view mirror for the entirety of their trip.

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The front side of the tag will mention that the travelers are transiting, and it will also include the date on which they have to leave Canada. The back of the tag is meant to face the driver, and it will remind them to comply with all the conditions of their entry, the list of public health and safety measures, and the Quarantine and Emergencies Acts.

Travelers with coronavirus symptoms are not allowed to enter Canada at any cost.

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