Canada is planning to modernize immigration system
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Immigration Announcement

Canada is planning to modernize immigration system

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Canada is Planning to Modernize Immigration System

A document released by the federal government reveals more details about how the immigration system might get affected after the coronavirus pandemic, as assessed by the government. The new document is publicly available on the website of the federal government website.

Canada is anticipating that there will be a huge surge in immigration applications after the global travel restrictions are eased. The reason for the document’s release is that the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is looking to hire a vendor who can help modernize the Canadian immigration application system.

Effect of travel restrictions:

The document states that the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on IRCC’s operations. The country implemented travel restrictions in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. However, IRCC is continuing its effort to fulfill the mandate to international students, visitors, temporary foreign workers, permanent residents, refugees, asylum claimants, citizenship seekers, and Canadian citizens. IRCC has introduced many special measures that will make the application processing easier for foreign nationals.

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What is IRCC planning?


The document also admits that many IRCC processing and contact centers all over the world have had to be shut down or are operating at a reduced capacity, which has hindered IRCC’s ability to process the applications at a fast rate.

When IRCC’s operations are restored, the department hopes to have different procedures, policies, and digital solutions that can take care of the post-coronavirus spike in the number of applications. IRCC is hoping to stay ahead by developing new processes, digital systems, and strategies.

IRCC hopes to adopt tools and technologies that will boost IRCC’s operational capacity while addressing the new social distancing requirements. IRCC’s case management system will also receive a makeover and be further automated.

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