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Canada Allows Expired PGWP Holders To Continue Their Stay

Margaret Cooley



Canada PGWP holders

International students have fallen victim to the unfortunate circumstances presented by the pandemic time and again. The Canadian government, however, has been accommodating and helpful when it comes to introducing new policies to benefit them. 

The government has now initiated a new policy that will help former international students who are still living in the country. IRCC has finally been accepting Post-Graduate Work Permit or PGWP applications from candidates who have expired or soon-to-be-expired PGWPs. Candidates were asked to apply from January 27. 

Why the new policy?

With the coronavirus pandemic causing the economy to perform poorly, many PGWP holders have been finding it difficult to fulfill the work experience requirement necessary for immigrating to Canada. With this new policy in place, these former students will qualify to receive open work permits that will allow them to continue working for another 18 months in the country.

With more time in hand, the PGWP holders will be able to get enough work experience to satisfy the quota and become eligible for applying to one of the PR pathways. 


Canada has reiterated time and again that immigrants will be the key to the recovery of the economy in the post-pandemic period. Hence it is more important now than ever that the federal and provincial governments are able to retain more international students by engaging them in work.

According to IRCC, around 52,000 PGWP holders will be able to take advantage of this policy. Candidates can continue sending in their applications until July 27, 2021.

IRCC wants to maintain high levels of immigration in the coming months and this measure will facilitate this aim.

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