Best In-Demand Jobs For Canadian Career In 2021
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Best In-Demand Jobs For Canadian Career In 2021

Ashley Shelton



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Recently, Randstad Canada predicted the top jobs in Canada for 2021. Some of the professions that are expected to see growth include:

Registered Nurse

With the pandemic, the need for registered nurses has intensified rapidly with more patients requiring critical care. Studies show that Canada will need a minimum of 60,000 nurses by next year to assist with the older population.


Drivers have been essential workers during the pandemic because a majority of them have been responsible for delivering supplies to hospitals and stores all over Canada. Undoubtedly, the job is in high demand at the moment.


Customer Service Representatives

If anything, the pandemic has reiterated the need for us to be kind to each other. More and more customer representatives are being hired so that each customer can interact with someone who is patient, professional and willing to help.

Electrical Engineers

Communication systems have become indispensable with so many people working from home. Companies are prioritizing electrical engineers who will be able to keep their systems operational.

HR Managers


HR managers are the ones coming up with the existing COVID-19 protection policies to protect workers. They are trying to be accommodating so that everyone can feel optimistic and productive.

Software Developers

With the rise of remote working, software developers have become invaluable to the economy. E-commerce companies have been on the rise for a while now but 2020 firmly established their dominance and now they are willing to hire developers with impressive skills.

General Laborers

Canada always needs more general laborers. There are a variety of options available as well.


Financial Advisors

The pandemic has made many people lose confidence in their financial handling. Financial advisors are able to offer valuable advice and a lot of support to clients who are going through a rough patch.

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