Can you take an English test for immigration to Canada?
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Can you take an English test for immigration to Canada?

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English test for immigration to Canada

The coronavirus lockdown led to a halt in English language testing services for prospective immigrants. However, the situation is slowly returning back to normal now, and English language testing centers are opening up. Candidates will be able to access English language tests much more easily if they are planning to submit their Canadian immigration applications.

What should applicants do?

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recognizes the IELTS General Training and the CELPIP when it comes to English Language Testing. Prospective candidates must complete either of these two tests in order to proceed with their application process. Once they have received their scores, they will be able to make their Express Entry profile or submit their application for permanent residence. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and all other federal or provincial programs in Canada require applicants to have an eligible score.

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IELTS can now be accessed across 89 countries. On the other hand, CELPIP has a more limited reach and can be attempted only in 6 countries as of now.

Why are the tests available now?


Immigration candidates had to face a number of difficulties when fulfilling their English testing requirements in the initial stages of the pandemic. COVID-19 caused governments all over the world to initiate lockdowns. The operators of CELPIP and IELTS had to comply with the local laws, and they could not open up the tests to immigration candidates then. Now, the governments have begun to lift lockdown restrictions, which is why it has become easier to sit for IELTS and CELPIP now.

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IELTS and CELPIP test sites have introduced a number of health and safety measures so that immigration candidates, as well as administrators, can remain safe during the testing process. The venues are cleaned regularly, and everyone is required to wear masks and gloves. Social distancing measures are compulsory in the test room.

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