Bloomberg Reports That Canada Is Still Targeting High Immigration Levels
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Bloomberg Reports That Canada Is Still Targeting High Immigration Levels

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Canada Immigration Level

The coronavirus pandemic has put immigration in jeopardy all over the world.  However, Canada has lived up to its reputation of being one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world even during the pandemic. The country has been continuing its immigration programs on a smaller scale and inviting eligible candidates through regular draws. The travel restrictions are still in place, but Canada still expects high immigration levels to continue beyond this year.

Considering how fast Canada is getting back on its feet and recovering from the pandemic, it seems very much possible. The reduced number of permanent residents is alarming, but there is no reason why Canada will not be able to pick up the pace and increase Canada Immigration levels in 2021 and beyond.

Canada’s stance on immigration

Marco Mendicino, Canada’s immigration minister, has not decided to cut back the immigration targets for the upcoming three-year levels plan. Just before Canada was forced to go into lockdown, Mendicino had announced that Canada would welcome one million immigrants by the year 2022. However, the closure of the Canadian border on March 18 to non-essential travel has led to the number of new permanent residents plummeting. Bloomberg reports that Mendicino’s office has been in consultation with many labour, business, and settlement organisations to understand the present demand for immigration.

Canada is known to leverage immigration to make up for the gaps in the labour market. The country’s low population is a significant problem and immigration is the best solution. Mendicino has stated multiple times that immigration is going to provide enduing value in the post-coronavirus period.  Immigrants will be able to help the economy get back on its feet fast.


The minister was to present the new multi-year levels plan to the Parliament before 1st November.

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