Which factors determine the succeeding of Canadian immigrants in the economy market?
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Which factors determine the succeeding of Canadian immigrants in the economy market?

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Canadian immigrants

Canada aims at making its immigrants successful in the economy. The main focus of their economic class immigration programs is to ensure they choose candidates with the utmost probability to land on a satisfactory job in their labor market.

As per the records of the Canadian government, young individuals who start living in this country with a high education level and a strong grip over French or English language have become more successful in Canada.

Moreover, the government provides $1.5 billion every year to help the newcomers settle down easily. This funding has made it less challenging for new immigrants to find out jobs and increase their skills in English.

Two reasons why comparing salaries between newcomers and Canadian citizens is misleading to evaluate economic integration.

Canada measures immigrant’s performance on their labor market by comparing their salary with the inborn citizens of Canada. It is misleading on various levels.


To begin with, the immigrants already have a disadvantage in the Canadian labor market when they first arrive. It is because usually they don’t have any professional and social contacts and would need some time to get recognized on the basis of their skills by the employers. Overall, it will take five years to achieve a high salary and get in level with the inborn citizens of Canada.

Another reason why comparing salaries is a misleading factor of economic integration is because it is not the only element that makes up the newcomer’s performance in the economy. Various other factors also play a part in evaluating economic integration.

A factor except for income that should include in evaluating economic integration.

The level of participation of the immigrants in the housing market is an essential factor as the biggest investment for people in Canada is purchasing a house. And the country’s statistics results have shown that both immigrants and inborn Canadian citizens have the same homeownership rates.  Hence, it proves that immigrants come with great savings that give them the same buying power as the citizens in Canada.

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