All travelers to Canada must be in self-isolation for two weeks for quarantine purposes
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All travelers to Canada must be in self-isolation for two weeks for quarantine purposes

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After tightening its international borders in order to control the spread of the coronavirus, Canada has decided to allow some exceptions. However, Canada has made it mandatory for all the travelers to self-isolate and remain in quarantine for at least two weeks after entering the country. This requirement is applicable for all travelers irrespective of whether they show coronavirus symptoms. The country has already declared the mandatory quarantine requirements for everyone who will enter the country during this pandemic.

One might show no symptoms of COVID-19, but self-isolation is still important because of the high rate of infection. People who show symptoms are not allowed to board the plane to Canada in the first place. The only way they can enter the country is via land, and they will have to self-isolate themselves immediately.

What should travelers do?

Canada will not lift its travel restrictions for most foreigners until June, at the very least. The exceptions to the rule include Canadian citizens, temporary foreign workers, permanent residents, and their immediate family members. International students are also allowed to step into the country as long as their study permit was given before March 18. People can also leave Canada, but all forms of non-essential travel to foreign countries are being discouraged. The availability of flights is not reliable.

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The law states that upon entering Canada, travelers are immediately supposed to enter their home or any place where they will be able to self-isolate and quarantine themselves for at least 14 days. They should not even stop at a grocery store to pick up essentials. Dropping by a friend’s place is also strictly prohibited. If travelers are caught roaming about, they will have to face jail time or pay hefty fines. Canada will give immediate medical attention to all symptomatic travelers.

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