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Top 5 Tech Companies and Trends in Toronto 2024

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Tech Companies

In 2024, Canadian tech talent promises new opportunities and challenges. This year has seen significant shifts in the tech industry, with Toronto startups leading the way.  Here, we explore five sought-after startups and delve into key trends impacting job seekers in Canada.

Toronto’s Top 5 Startups of 2024


Revolutionizing AI for Enterprises, Cohere’s is tailored for enterprises and secured $270 million in 2023 for further innovation. Offering data-secure deployment, customization, and stellar customer support, Cohere continues to lead in 2024.


The following start-up facilitates accessibility testing by connecting with people with disabilities remotely. By streamlining user research, design, and development, Fable takes care of recruitment, technical support, and compensation.


The start-up is focused on providing easier access to lifestyle healthcare, and challenging norms around personal health. With a mission to change behaviours and attitudes, Felix aims to make healthcare more accessible and convenient.

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Float’s corporate cards and spend management platform aim to simplify spend for companies. With features like pre-approved expenses through Slack, automated receipt collection, and seamless integration with accounting software, Float streamlines financial processes.

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Driving innovation, ODAIA stands out in life sciences predictive analytics. Leveraging AI with their platform, MAPTUAL, ODAIA helps pharmaceutical companies prospect, qualify, and engage healthcare professionals, reducing patients’ time to therapy.

Tech Trends Shaping 2024

In 2024, several notable technology trends are reshaping the landscape, influencing both businesses and workers. Firstly, there is a significant push towards the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace, with over 90% of C-suite executives planning to incorporate generative AI within the next 18 months. Consequently, there is a growing emphasis on upskilling in AI, highlighting its critical role in keeping tech workers in Canada relevant and competitive.

Furthermore, the tech sector in Canada is experiencing a resurgence in hiring after a period of economic stagnation. Over the past six years, approximately 300,000 tech jobs have been created, with projections indicating a positive trajectory of over 1% growth in tech employment this year. This trend signifies a hopeful outlook for the industry, suggesting that companies are expanding and actively seeking skilled professionals to fuel their growth.

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Toronto’s Job Fairs in 2024

Look for fresh career prospects in 2024 as Toronto gears up for an array of job fairs catering to diverse industries. Whether you’re skilled, tech-savvy, or a healthcare professional, these events offer a spectrum of opportunities.


Here’s a glimpse into the key Toronto job fairs shaping the professional landscape:

  • Toronto Career Fair & Training Expo 2024
  • Tech Talent Job Fair – Tech Opportunities in Toronto
  • Toronto Career Fair by Jobs Canada Centre
  • Healthcare Job Fair

These Toronto job fairs in 2024 signify new beginnings and hold exciting opportunities for job seekers and employers in Canada.

What to Expect?

A standout feature of these events is the chance to network with potential employers in Toronto. Attendees can seize this opportunity by uploading their resumes, making them accessible to employers across various industries. Explore the full list of exhibitors spanning different sectors, enhancing the potential for meaningful connections.

Connecting with employers is particularly beneficial for those eyeing Canada immigration fairs in 2024. The fair serves as a platform for individuals to explore job opportunities in the province, a significant advantage for those aspiring to settle in Canada.

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Looking Ahead to 2024

As we navigate the dynamic intersection of tech and talent in Canada, embracing change and staying updated on emerging trends becomes crucial. The rise of AI, resurgence in hiring, and addressing talent confidence challenges mark the path forward. Canada Immigration News remains committed to delivering timely insights, and our renowned Canada job fairs in 2024 will continue to connect top talent with leading employers—both virtually and in person.

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