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Tech Professionals Who Do Not Require a Canadian Work Permit

Austin Campbell



Canadian Work Permit

Some IT professionals qualify to enter Canada as Business Visitors and do not require a work permit. A business visitor is a foreign citizen who can travel to Canada to organize business activities. Since they are not participating in the labour market during their visit to the country, so no work permit is required. To be considered a business visitor, one can enter Canada without a work permit, if they meet the following:

  • When the stay is less than six months
  • When they do not plan to enter the Canadian labour market
  • When the major place of business and source of income are outside Canada
  • When they have all the documents that support the application
  • When they meet Canada’s basic entry requirements including a valid travel document such as a passport, enough funds to support their stay, a plan to leave Canada at the end of the visit, and have no criminal record, or health risk to Canadians.

IT professionals will be considered business visitors in the following situations:

After-Sales Service

This service usually takes place during cross-border transactions. These circumstances rise when a Canadian organization has bought a product from an international company and the foreign company must offer product service or do maintenance work on the product. International tech workers will be required to travel to Canada to perform this work. Possibly the product is difficult technical equipment or computer systems software.

It may be a situation where servicing of the product requires expert knowledge that is known to the employees of the international company. Thus, the visitors will be considered eligible to enter as business visitors.

Guest Speakers/Workshop Contributors

Another popular category of business visitors implies people who are entering Canada to speak at a seminar or to contribute to a workshop. With the ever-growing nature of technology in the modern world, there has been an exponential increase in the number of seminars or workshops targeting on a huge array of tech-related topics. Thus, non-Canadians will be permitted to enter Canada as business visitors so that Canadian get benefit from in-depth or expert knowledge on a particular subject.



Another popular category of business visitors often practiced in the industry is those who visit Canada to receive training at a Canadian branch of a multinational organization. The use of a particular software requires specialized knowledge of the equipment or software, in these situations, there is no other choice but to have an international person enter the country to receive training as a business visitor.