Sponsoring Your Spouse or Common-Law Partner from Nigeria
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Sponsoring Your Spouse or Common-Law Partner from Nigeria

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Spouse or Common-Law Partner

Are you planning to offer sponsorship to your spouse or common-law partner from Nigeria so they can immigrate to Canada with you? Canada has a flexible family immigration policy for these situations, and you should have no problem sponsoring your loved one. 

To begin, you have to test whether you are eligible to sponsor your spouse or common-law partner. You must be an adult over the age of 18 to consider this option. Furthermore, you have to be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. You should also have the financial stability to support your spouse or common-law partner after their arrival. 

Only Canadian citizens can sponsor their loved one from outside Canada. Permanent residents do not have access to this same opportunity. They have to sponsor their partner from inside Canada. Quebec had further requirements for candidates to fulfill at the provincial level as well. 

Outland or Inland Sponsorship 

If your Nigerian partner lives outside the sponsorship process, Canada will process you as outland applicants. If you are a Canadian citizen, you can complete the sponsorship process while staying in Nigeria. However, you have to give proof that you will move to Canada with your partner once you are approved for permanent residency.

However, if you and your partner are staying in Canada during the sponsorship application process, Canada will consider you inland applicants. If you are applying from within Canada, your spouse might be able to secure an Open Work Permit.

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